Sunday, October 31, 2004

I had another fun dream last night. My father-in-law was running a tow-boat/search-and-recovery operation on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge. FIL is an agricultural economist/university professor IRL, so this was quite a departure for him. FIL was on the river because he owed P-Diddy Combs several thousand dollars. He couldn't pay P-Diddy because somebody else had taken advantage of him and fleeced him of his funds. I didn't know the exact nature of the debt to P-Diddy, but I did know that FIL was furious with Steve Croft for reporting the story on 60 Minutes in a light most unfavorable to FIL. What on Earth a recent LDS mission president was doing hanging out with P-Diddy is an interesting question. At one point, FIL decided to take a group of us fishing in the tow-boat. We got to a lake in the tow-boat, even going over some dry land. Once at the lake, however, I was surprised to see that we were being trained in search-and-recovery techniques by scuba instructors. However, we still had our rods and reels. I was surprised but pleased to strap on a tank. That's when the dream ended.


Ann said...

I don't know how you remember such details about your dreams. Do you try to analyze them?

Phoebe said...

Just had to catch up on what I missed this week, and will put all my comments in this little box.
1. A hearty slap on the back for voting for Kerry. That made my evening.
2. I've come to the same conclusion; participation on internet (blogs, boards) is a stress-reliever, and should be done in moderation, as in all things (where did I get that from?)
2. a. I'm glad you're back.
3. Kids switch sides a lot growing up. It will be your turn one day.
4. I just finished reading a book that had a lot of the plot occur in New Orleans. Just finished it today. And my daughter wire scuba gear for Halloween. Coincidence? Yep.