Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Telemedicine network

St. Mary's Residential Training School has completed the installation of its real-time telemedicine network, part of joint venture with the Tulane Medical School, which allows specialists to consult with school staff on medical issues and to look in on ABA training sessions. Very cool. Also, my kids' ABA programs will be amped up in the near future, something I'm looking forward to.


Don said...

That's great to hear Randy!

The telemedicine network at the U of U told us a story about how they were able to set up a web cam so a soldier in Iraq was able to watch his baby born here in Utah.

Randy said...

That's a great story, Jer. Telemedicine is a very good thing. Back when Ted Stevens chaired Senate Appropriations, he used his position to fund a telemedicine network for Alaskans in remote areas. NPR ran an article about it, and described how a nurse practitioner in a remote area was performing a minor surgery as a surgeon in Anchorage talked her through it. If you're going to shovel money to projects in your own state, it's best if they're cool and worthwhile projects.