Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A good weekend


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T. played for hours in the swimming pool this past weekend. He also worked diligently on his underwater swimming techniques, insisting that I stay away from him as he practiced. I got out of the pool and just stood by, watching. He then had me bring DW out so he could show off for her. I am a reasonably strong swimmer, and I do scuba on occasion, and T. seemed a little annoyed that he can't dive down to the bottom and swim around as well as I do. Showing off for his mom was a little different. There is an emerging ego here, and I try to be sensitive to it.

T. is also in an avaricious shopping phase--anything with buttons to push and anything that looked like a notebook was an object of desire. He actually played with some of the toys he bought, which is actually a little unusual. It took immense concentration for him to work his MyFirst Leap Pad (or whatever it's called), but he did it. He had me buy a shiny, fancy, glow-in-the-dark Crayola product at the Baton Rouge Target the other day. I knew that he would be disappointed by it, but I couldn't offload it in the store. I managed to hide it in the car, and he didn't look for it when he got out. I returned the product on the way home, and the customer service clerk said, "you bought it for him this morning and you're returning it tonight." She was amused by watching my attempts to offload the thing and him making sure that I bought it. So the staff of yet another retail establishment has been taken in by the charms of my children.

I took A. out for a couple of hours in Alexandria yesterday (DW was home, waiting on the appliance repair people). His demands jiggled our routine around to the point where I didn't have time for part of it, and I didn't want to go too close to a couple of places on the way to our usual Burger King, so I chose to take him to a BK near the local mall. I didn't know that there was a Pizza Hut right there. He knew, and he let me know that he wanted to go there. The problem with A. and pizza is that if the pizza is not on the table when he gets there, he'll throw a huge tantrum and start stealing food from other people. I felt bad, but I didn't take him there.

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T. is into Spider-Man, though I think he's only seen the cartoon version. Anyhow, I happen to have three Spider-Man II posters hanging in my office, and a couple of coworkers have asked whether I will have anything from the third film. The answer is probably not, but I picked up a Spider-Man version of Mr. Potato Head yesterday. The box says "Includes Peter Parker Parts," which made it too funny to pass up.


Maddy said...

Restaurants are challenging for us too. I need to have prepared myself mentally before we venture out.
best wishes

Randy said...

If both DW and I are there, Adam is easily manageable pretty much anywhere that doesn't serve pizza. He is surprisingly good, and I credit his school's frequent restaurant visits for that. There's an all-you-can-eat buffet place that he loves because of the soft-serve ice-cream, but our routine there requires two parents, so as to let everybody eat before he gets his four ice-cream cones.

Sideon said...

"Peter Parker parts"???

Great to hear you had a good weekend!