Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Randy's self-improvement program number 7,624

I seem to be in self-improvement mode these days, even if my program has kind of come together gradually and without any real planning. I've been working seriously on my cardiovascular system for several months, and have taken off 20 pounds. I recently added some light weight training to my exercise agenda. I've been meditating more frequently and longer; for whatever reason, zazen really works well for me. Moreover, my therapy is going well at the moment, though that can be difficult and painful at times. Also, as compensation for the loss of Gentle Reader Craig's brain-stimulating blogs, I've resorted to reading publications like the Times Literary Supplement and the New Yorker--and even some real books--to keep in touch with the world of people who are smarter than I am. But, not to worry, I still dig Entertainment Weekly.

As part of my ongoing quest for cultrual relevance, I have changed my google/blogger avatar from Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus to Sanjaya Malakar from "American Idol." I wonder what my boss would do if I showed up at work with my hair like that.

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