Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter 2007

We filled our kids' Easter baskets with items they currently enjoy. I'll confess that I had a brief brain fart yesterday and forgot what Easter is all about, other than it has something to do with Jesus. Oh yeah, it's only the central event in human history from a Christian perspective, something you'd think I would remember. Oops. Bad Randy! Good thing DW never reads this blog. Today, I'm fighting off some nasty gastro-intestinal infection that struck with a vengeance around 2:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. today. Could it be divine retribution?

Unfortunately, every photo I took of T. came out bad. So here's a recent picture of him on the beach instead. We noticed last weekend here, and the other day in Alexandria, that T. is far less intense and high-strung than he has been in months. Also, he didn't request French fries until the very end of our visit with him. Last week, he wanted them every time we got anywhere near a McDonald's.

We spent three Easter Sundays in a row attending mass at the St. Mary's chapel. Last year was a fiasco, as A. and T. both wanted to get out of there as soon as they saw us. This year was an unchurched holiday, at least for DW, A., and me. T. went to the usual Sunday morning service. We split our visits with the boys, taking each one individually. A. and I attended a morning service at the Alexandria Temple of Commerce, a/k/a WalMart.

A. looks joyously at his favorite work of art, the Pepsi logo on the drink machine in the WalMart foyer. I wore a Pepsi T-shirt while I was with him, knowing how much he loves that logo, but he didn't seem to give a hoot about it. I look really fat in the photos, despite having taken off some weight, so I'm not posting them.

A. loved his plush toys. We had an interesting moment yesterday, after A. overstuffed himself with Chips Ahoy cookies and Barq's root beer. We were in the pool, and he coughed, barfing up his snack. Hilariously, we were the only people who got out of the pool. Other people saw it, but evidently thought nothing of it. A. later had a great time stuffing himself at his favorite restaurant.

Overall, it was a very good weekend for my family.

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Maddy said...

Hmm. someone else who asks for French Fries morning, noon and night, but mine is allowed to because it's his only vegetable [food number 9].
My basket didn't last five minutes - I put 'au naturel' hay filler in it and they all ran into the garage to hide. I ended up putting the basket in the garage and that soon scared them out of there!
Cheers dears