Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year in Review no. 2

I started paying more attention to my physical health in 2006. I managed to lose 15 pounds or so during the year, mostly after our cruise in May. I ended the year with a bit of a scare. A couple of life insurance physicals in October and November suggested that I may be susceptible to kidney disorders. I went to a specialist a few days ago, and I'll be submitting some more blood and pee next week. I don't have high blood pressure or diabetes, which are the usual culprits in kidney disorders. Who knows? Anyhow, I've been on the eliptical on a very regular basis, and I was doing Pilates when my back muscles allowed for it. I sprained or tore some muscles when I was repairing my fence early in the year, and they've never healed. I get massages every few weeks, but the muscles scrunch right back up again. I suppose I should just get going with the Pilates and let things take care of themselves.

I think my psychological health improved a tiny bit during the year. I'm much more comfortable in my skin--an overused phrase, but one that seems to fit.


doug said...

We bought a treadmill today. No dust on it yet. ;)

Anonymous said...

Massage is great. Pilates is great for core exercises, but have you looked into yoga and stretching?

Randy said...

I have tried yoga a few times. I backed into zen via yoga, as I got more out of the meditation period at the end of the yoga video I was using than I did out of the stretches. But point well taken; I really need to retrain my back muscles and yoga might be a good way to do that. And my gym has free classes.