Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another title sequence

Someone finally uploaded this one to youtube. It features one of the Beach Boys' best tunes, which fits nicely with the show:


Anonymous said...

I cannot hear that song without thinking of polygamy. And it's one that sticks in my head for days.

I miss that show. When does it start back up again?

Randy said...

One of the things I like about that show is that if you took polygamy out of the equation, Bill H. would have a very mainstream LDS family. They managed to portray various aspects of Mormon culture without patronizing or pathologizing (is that even a word?) On the whole, I thought the show was more positive in portraying Mormon culture than most media portrayals have been. I mean, who wouldn't want Heather from the burger joint as a friend? What a total sweetheart. Of course, polygamy is the central issue on the show, and they do have all those crazy relatives down on the compound . . .

As much as I like Big Love, I opted for HBO's Rome on DVD instead. I may hold off until I can get a used set of the BL DVDs.

Big Love should be back in July or August. Rome will be back on in January, I believe, and The Sopranos a month or two later.