Sunday, June 25, 2006

Toby entering Target. We got there around 9 a.m. today, and Toby selected a toy Dodge Ram pickup, a Spider-Man comic book, a SpongeBob notebook, and a pack of pencils. We went back to the hotel for waterplay and elevator play. After that, we took a break in the room, then made our first visit to the better-than-you'd-think Alexandria Zoo. Then we had lunch and took Toby back to his school. Fun day. Posted by Picasa


doug said...

What was Toby's favorite animal at the zoo?

Sounds like a fun day R. Today while DW and DD went to the movies I super cleaned the fridge and stove and found it most satisfying. I love clean things and dirty minds.

Randy said...

Toby loves monkeys. He likes bears okay, and he hates crocodiles and snakes. He really digs the sea lions in the N.O. Zoo, but they were still off in Galveston last time we went to see them.