Thursday, June 15, 2006

Deluge Revisited

I dreamed last night that I was hard at work in my office when it started raining really hard. It was even harder than during the May 1995 flood. DW called, and I looked out the window, only to see a couple of feet of water in the street and on the side of the courthouse. I went back to work, and it rained even harder. When it was time to go home, I looked out the window to see the courthouse standing in eight feet of water. I called DW, and she was upset that I hadn't come home after the first call, when there was only two feet of water. I realized that I would have to sleep in the office, and I was uncertain about when I would be able to go home, but I was secretly happy, because in the dream, anyway, the flood meant that we likely would be moving.


Ann said...

So, you want to leave, too?

Randy said...

I suppose I'm just filled with a sort of dreadful anticipation of inevitability, though I wouldn't object to moving to certain other cities. That feeling should go away in October or so, unless, of course, we actually do get hit again.

Ann said...

I hear you. DH is conducting a narrow job search, at my express request. However, it took him almost 10 years to find this job, which is a pretty crappy one, IMO. And his uni is really working to keep him. Which means, I think, that I'm stuck here until I die.