Sunday, January 07, 2007

Resolutions, goals, plans, or whatever

I haven't written down my New Year's resolutions in several years, and I rarely actually achieve them anyway (stuff happens, you know), but I thought I'd put some down for 2007. So here are a few things I'd like to achieve this year:

1. Improve my physical health. My physical health has suffered in the past several years, as I've been preoccupied with issues that were, quite frankly, more important. I've made a good start on my cardiovascular system already. The proverbial elephant in the living room wrt my health is obesity, so I'd like to take off at least 40 pounds in 2007. I lost 15 or so in 2006, so there's hope. Also, I need to work on my upper body, likely via pilates/yoga and weight training.

2. Improve my mental health. I have made substantial progress in this area over the past three years, but anxiety and depression occasionally rear their heads. Like many men my age, I've worked through some midlife crisis issues the past few years. That's in large part due to my dream life, in which my subconscious mind has asserted itself very loudly after many years of denial, repression, and suppression. Fortunately, I've worked through things thus far without embarassing myself by pretending to be 25 again (though I seem to be just about that age in a certain category of dreams). I have come to terms with several aspects of myself that I used to view negatively; I suppose that's a good thing.

The sadness, anxiety, and uncertainty about A. and T. and their futures is something that will always be with me. That's simple reality. Also, I've yet to come to terms emotionally with my family of origin's rejection of me. I think I'm still to angry about that situation to feel sadness about it yet. Moreover, there's the fact that I live here, which is something that I don't think can be overlooked. My family was not affected directly by Katrina, but there's a certain amount of stress and anxiety that's seemingly in the air.

The main tools I plan to use for my mental health are robust physical exercise and meditation. I'll still use my prescribed medication and speak with my therapist, who has been very helpful. However, I'd like to think I'm taking more control of my own destiny, so to speak.

3. Be more kind and compassionate to other people. I can be a cold bastard on occasion--a trait that can come in handy in my profession--but I need to be mindful of that fact. I can say that my tolerance of others has improved tremendously as I've dealt with my boys' autism and my own internal issues. I have no idea what makes people tick, so, apart from people who step across boundaries that simply should not be crossed, I'm fairly good at not being judgmental.

4. Continue to love my immediate family and circle of friends. Just reminding myself here.

4. Continue to be cautions with family finances. Again, just reminding myself.

5. Be a better employee. I could stand to be better organized and less distracted on the job.

6. Enjoy life a little more. I've been so preoccupied with my family's health and well-being the past few years that I've ignored doing things that I personally find fun. There may be some scuba trips and kayaking runs in 2007, I don't know.

Well, these are just a few things. I'm sure there are many more things I could work on.

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Ann said...

Those are good goals. Are you going to track them online?

I have a goal, too, but I'm not telling. Because I don't want to dissipate my internal motivation, and furthermore, I don't want anybody laughing at me behind my back if I fail.

So you're a brave man to put all that "out there."