Saturday, August 19, 2006

First Impressions

Harsh Light Of Morning Falls On One-Night Stand's DVD Collection

It's interesting how we judge people by their libraries, CDs, iPod lists, and DVD collections. I noticed several years ago that the teenagers from the church youth group opened my CD case first thing whenever they got in my car. Evidently, I was okay. Must have been those Bob Marley discs. Anybody checking out the DVD collection in my house would go away scratching his/her head. We have everything from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to "GoodFellas" to "the Looney Tunes Golden Collection."

So what's in your DVD collection?


Anonymous said...

the burbs, it doesn't get old.

Randy said...

I've never seen that one. I do need to freshen up our Netflix queue.

Anonymous said...

oh lordy. I don't buy many DVDs at all, so I have a weird collection, based mainly on gifts. Here they are in no order:

Lord of the Rings (all three deluxe collections)
Firefly (series, brilliant)
Sports Night (series, brilliant)
Trick (hot)
Life of Brian
Star Wars III (blech)
Beautiful Thing (awww)

So what does this say about me?? This is like reading tea leaves! lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, and

Amadeus (fucking brilliant)
Ladyhawke (mmm, rutger hauers)

Anonymous said...

I gave my best friend a DVD player for his birthday two and a half years ago, but he never hooked it up. I have a little one with a 7-inch screen, and watching DVDs on is it kind of a chore, but the movies I have (mostly VHS) that I watch frequently are Boogie Nights, The Harder They Come, the Reanimater series, and a bunch of Japanese movies (not the monster kind).