Saturday, December 18, 2004

Deep, blue, open sky,
a fragile pine branch swaying.
I smile from the grass.

Eternity or
emptiness; it depends on
how you see the world.

This afternoon, I needed a break from tossing Adam into the air repeatedly, so I lay down on the grass. He ran off and played by himself as I just looked into a gorgeous, cloudless sky.

Adam, by the way, has had some major self-esteem milestones recently. A few weeks ago, he got on the big-kid swing for the first time. Last weekend, he got his first bike. This week, he started rejecting pull-ups in favor of underpants. Now if we could get him to make the connection between those underpants and the potty, we'd have it made.


Just Me said...

That's just awesome! sniff sniff

Miranda said...

Maybe Brandon and Adam can learn the True Meaning of Underpants together. Plastic pants are your friend in the meantime.

none said...

Wow, how wonderful! Horray for Adam! :)

As for the potty-training, this is what worked for son:

I bought the book "Potty-training in a day" that claimed its method had
worked well on all types of special needs children, but while I used some of
the tips stated in there, we did it our way, and certainly not in a day, more like over a period
of 2 months.

Summer is ideal, but if the house is warm enough, this can be done in the
winter too, but basically, it went like this:

Noticed that son´s diapers started staying dry for over 2 hours and almost
through the night. That was a hint of readiness to me.

Placed a potty in nearly every room, where he spent the majority of his
time. Let him run around with no pants, or just old pants. I put a plastic
cover under the sheets of his bed, and let him sleep without diapers. (Tip:
don´t give a lot of water just before he goes to bed. :)

My son would play and suddenly he would notice that he was standing a pool
of pee. (We were lucky.. had wooden floor/tiles in every room so I didn´t care
less for a bit of pee/poo. If you only have carpet, you can still do it, but
you might want to rent one of those steam vacuums.) No problem. I wiped the floor
clean, showed him the potty, went about my business. He started to realize
where the pee came from and became aquainted with his genitals.

In the next weeks he made a few pools here and
there, and left me a couple of piles, one of them on the living-room
table...but, when he did happen to notice that he was about to pee, he
started going to the potty more and more often, which I rewarded with an
m´n´m or a cookie and lots of praise.

So now that he was completely potty-trained around the house, I stopped
using diapers for short trips to the city (under two hours) and once he
regularly started letting me know when he had to "go" and "accidents" were
fairly rare, we stopped using diapers at all.

What also helped:

- We were totaly relaxed about this. No expectations. If it worked out, ok,
if not, ok.

- We didn´t make him sit on the potty for hours, just made sure he knew what
the potty was for, made it easily accesible everywhere.

- Weren´t afraid to let him make a mess. Dogs/cats do it all the time in the
process of getting potty-trained, but eventually *do* get it.

- Taught him to pee standing up.

Good luck!