Monday, September 27, 2004

I had a wonderful moment with my boys yesterday at the Alexandria, LA, McDonalds. Five-year-old Adam spent most of his time climbing around inside the play structure. Seven-year-old Toby, on the other hand, ate a couple of boxes of French fries, then started walking around in an open area, looking out the window and wanting to go out to the car. I walked up to Toby and started a little game. I would say the first syllable of a two-syllable word. He would say the second syllable, and I would then throw him up into the air. His speech has had me concerned the past few weeks, so this was a nice little test. We did the following words:

AD-AM (or as T. says, "Abam")
AN-CREW (Andrew is his roommate)

Adam eventually saw me tossing his brother up into the air, and he slid down the slide laughing. He held up his arms, so I took him and tossed him too. A couple of other little boys noticed me being silly. Fortunately, neither of them wanted to be thrown into the air, but one of them dropped on all fours and growled at me like a big cat.


Dave said...

Man, I can relate to this. There's something so fundamental and fun about teaching really young kids stuff. Good times!

Ann said...

Tell us about T. writing or drawing. You had said you were worried that his verbal skills were regressing but that he was putting crayon to paper more, again. What's going on with that?

Glad you had such a good day.

Phoebe said...

Cool! Especially the part where Adam focused on you and reached out!

doug said...

very nice Randy, very nice

doug said...

very nice Randy, very nice

none said...

My son regresses for a few days when everything gets a little too much, but it always gets better again. They say that when they are a older than 2, the danger of permanently regressing is past, but I still can´t help getting worried when it happens.

I´m so glad you guys had fun!

Jo said...

What an awesome post! I can see it in my painted a nice picture.