Monday, February 26, 2007

Love-bombing backfires

We got a letter from the local bishop last week, encouraging us to return to fellowship with our church, with which we maintain a nominal affiliation. He's a nice enough fellow, but did he ever use the wrong approach with us. Enclosed with the letter was a copy of a church magazine article all about how various parents of disabled children have been able to find ways to make their kids' behaviors sufficiently manageable so they can all function and attend church. I don't think he meant any harm--I think it was more a message of inclusion than one of "hey, other people do this, so get your act together"--but this is not the kind of thing we need to be getting in the mail. It's not like Bishop E. is going to get this cowboy back, so I was only mildly annoyed, but DW seemed a little hurt.

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Ann said...

Bishop E. and the Mrs. just had little bishoplette #5. As you can probably tell from the feminine ending, it was a girl. They said the name, but I didn't understand it. Starts with an M.

1. I'm sure you're right about the motivation.

2. The man really is socially inept. They asked us over to dinner right after we moved here, and when he found out what my DH did, replied, "What do professors DO all day?" Good thing DH is slow to anger...he was a little annoyed, though.

3. I'm sorry Cindy was hurt. I just don't think he has any idea what kinds of layers of pain he's dealing with.